Amendments to the 2020 State Budget of Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan recently announced the proposal for the amendments to the 2020 state budget. The move comes as no surprise, given the current economic climate. However, there is much to discuss in amendments, particularly concerning the State Oil Fund and the Budget Rule…

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Oil Sector of Azerbaijan in 2020 and its Implications for the State Budget

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every sector of the global economy in the first five months of 2020. To add insult to injury, the economy of Azerbaijan has been further pressured by the historically low oil prices. In this post, I decided to take a brief look at the oil sector of Azerbaijan today and its potential implications for us in the near future.

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Fiscal Rule of Azerbaijan: A Positive First Step?

As a broad term, fiscal policy refers to the management of taxes and expenditures by governments. It is certainly the number one tool that the governments utilize to intervene into the national economy. That intervention, on the other hand, should have definite restraints, which brings us to the topic of fiscal rules…

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Comparative Advantage of Azerbaijan

One of the most predominant principles of international trade is the comparative advantage theory, developed by the British economist David Ricardo in the early 19th century. To put it simply, the theory argues that a country can boost its welfare if it specializes in certain products in which it has comparably lower cost of production (in other words, lower opportunity cost) and then trade with others. Keeping this principle in mind, one may wonder, in which products Azerbaijan can have comparative advantage and how can we use that to maximize our national well-being?

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